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A well prepared inventory is an essential tool for the Landlord. It should provide an accurate, thorough and detailed assessment of the property, it's fixtures and fittings and it's condition at point of let.

The inventory can form part of the contract between Landlord and Tenant; it is therefore imperative that the inventory is a faithful reflection of the property immediately prior to the Tenants' arrival.

We will attend the property as soon as it is available to be tenanted. We will carry out a stringent assessment of the whole property, including any gardens and outbuildings. This will be fully documented, and this document will form the inventory.

Sheridan Landlord Services guarantee the highest levels of accuracy as standard in their inventories. This could be the difference between a protracted, potentially costly dispute at the end of the tenancy and a mutually satisfactory handover between Landlord and Tenant.

The purpose and role of the inventory is laid out in more detail in the 'Why do I need an inventory?' section.


We will meet the Tenant at the property when the tenancy commences and, with the Tenant, conduct a thorough walk-round inspection in conjunction with the inventory. Any discrepancies between the inventory and our findings at this time will be noted and brought to the attention of the Landlord.

Only when meter readings have been taken and the Tenant has signed their agreement to the documented condition of the property as observed during the walk-round inspection will the keys be handed over.

Mid Term/Interim Inspections

We will undertake a brief inspection of the property, either at mid-term or upon renewal of the tenancy agreement.

This is not a legal necessity, but a prudent Landlord will recognise the value of ensuring that their investment is being treated as they would want it to be.

It may be easier and more cost effective to address issues arising at this stage rather than at the conclusion of the tenancy.


At the conclusion of the tenancy we will visit the property and carry out a further inspection with specific reference to the original inventory and Tenant's comments on check-in.

We will conduct a considered appraisal of the property and it's current condition in conjunction with the original documents, carefully noting any damage, losses or shortfalls in acceptable standards of maintenance.

Final meter readings will be taken and, if the Tenant is present, we will attempt to obtain consensus with our findings and recover the keys.

The Report

All of our reports can be provided in any format reasonably requested by the instructing principle and will be available as soon as practicable after our attendance at the property.

We have our own templates for all documents and schedules which have been developed and refined using industry best practise to address all the requirements of the Landlord. All of our documentation is legally admissible.

Letting Agents may prefer us to prepare documents in their 'house style'; we can easily adopt this.

For any instruction we will provide a gallery of relevant, appropriate digital photographs.

An encrypted copy of all reports will be securely stored on disc by us for future reference if required.

Our services will be provided with the friendly, professional courtesy that should be expected of a sector-leading business, but our fees will remain competitive.

Costs and specific requirements will be discussed at instruction. A full copy of our tariff can be provided on request.

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