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Why Do We Need an Inventory?

The astute Landlord would quickly notice if their property was handed back in this condition, but what about those little details? That crack in the bathroom sink? Can you be sure that it wasn't there when the tenancy commenced?

The provision of an inventory is not a specific legal requirement. The safeguarding of Tenant's deposits in Government-approved schemes is, however, mandatory in accordance with the 2004 Housing Act.

At the conclusion of a tenancy a Landlord cannot simply withhold the deposit, or a portion of it, to compensate for any damage incurred during the tenancy without the Tenant's agreement and consent.

Back, then, to the bathroom sink. A precise inventory compiled at the commencement of the tenancy will detail the condition of this fixture, and every other aspect of the property. As part of the check-in, the incoming Tenant will sign their agreement to the inventory as presented.

This inventory will then be used during the check-out procedure at the conclusion of the tenancy to enable comparisons to be drawn. Assuming that the inventory shows the bathroom sink to have been in pristine condition pre-tenancy there can be no dispute that the damage has been caused during the current tenancy.

As a Landlord, you now have documented, legally binding evidence to deduct the cost of making good this damage from the deposit.

Whilst the idea of being able to recoup the costs of putting your investment back to a condition suitable for the next Tenant may appeal to you, the detailed work necessary to achieve this probably doesn't.

An accredited independent inventory clerk will take this work out of your hands by:-

Landlords can compile their own inventories and, as above, inventories are not a legal requirement but how much are you leaving to chance?

An accredited independent inventory clerk can:-

If you're still not convinced, either contact me or visit

It's your choice, but it could be your loss.

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